ActivityTask: A Helper for Async/Await on Android

Jérémie Laval
September 25, 2017 Android, Xamarin Platform

At Google I/O, several members of the Xamarin team attended the Architecture Component talk on Android lifecycle (which I recommend you watch). While the solutions presented there are interesting and, in some cases, map to patterns we already have in .NET, it resonated with those of us present because of how those Android lifecycle details […]

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Podcast: Android Oreo, iOS 11, and Xamarin.Forms Tips & Tricks

Pierce Boggan
September 22, 2017 Education

In this episode of the Xamarin Podcast, James Montemagno and I cover Xamarin support for Android Oreo and iOS 11, share tips for beating the learning curve with Xamarin.Forms, talk […]

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Protecting Your Xamarin Apps with Dotfuscator

Guest Blogger
September 20, 2017 Android, iOS, Xamarin Platform

This is a special guest post from Joe Sewell, a developer on the Dotfuscator team at PreEmptive Solutions. Let’s be honest, releasing a library, desktop app, or mobile app can be a bit scary. Once your software is freely available to the world, you lose a certain degree of control over how it will be […]

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Augment Reality with Xamarin and iOS 11

Larry O'Brien
September 19, 2017 iOS, Xamarin Platform

One of the showcase features of iOS 11 is ARKit, an augmented-reality mode available on devices powered by A9 and newer chips (basically, 6S and better iPhones, 2017 iPads, and […]

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Learn How The Lean Cook Uses Mobile to Drive Revenue and Promote Healthy Living

Lacey Butler
September 18, 2017 Android, Case Studies, iOS

The Lean Cook, a popular UK diet and fitness blog started as a hobby by a husband and wife team, is a prime example of how to design apps for the user. Instead of simply […]

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Xamarin.Forms: Tips for Beating the Learning Curve

David Ortinau
September 15, 2017 Xamarin.Forms

As a first time user learning any new technology or pattern, there’s always a curve, and over the years I’ve stood at the threshold of a product and gazed up that curve to determine how painfully steep it appeared and how long it would take until I was productive. Now, as the Program Manager for Xamarin.Forms, […]

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Xamarin All-Stars at .NET Conf 2017!

Jayme Singleton
September 14, 2017 Events

Join Xamarin Product Managers and Engineers at .NET Conf 2017, a free virtual event for any developer. This year’s speaker line-up consists of all-star Xamarin speakers, including Miguel de Icaza, […]

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Get Your Apps Ready for iOS 11!

Miguel de Icaza
September 13, 2017 iOS, Xamarin Platform

We’ve just updated our iOS 11 support to go along with the Xcode 9 GM Seed release. You can use this build along with the Xcode 9 GM to submit applications that take advantage of the new features in iOS 11, tvOS 11 and watchOS 4 to the Apple AppStore. We also have awesome new sample […]

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Xamarin.Android 8.0 Gets Even Sweeter with Oreo

Jon Douglas
September 11, 2017 Android, Xamarin Platform

Android 8.0 Oreo is by far the sweetest version of Android to date, with great new features including notification channels, notification badges, custom fonts in XML, downloadable fonts, instant apps, background limits, autofill, and picture-in-picture (PIP). We’re excited to announce Xamarin.Android support for Android Oreo in our latest release of Xamarin.Android for both Visual Studio […]

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Podcast: Android Oreo Support, Xamarin Live Player Preview 2, New iOS 11 Previews, and more!

Pierce Boggan
September 11, 2017 Education

In this episode of the Xamarin Podcast, James Montemagno and I discuss all of the amazing new previews available to Xamarin developers, including Android Oreo, iOS 11, Xamarin Live Player, Xamarin.Forms, and more! We also discuss some exciting news with the Xamarin MVP Program and a new certification level for Xamarin developers. Be sure to […]

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