April 3, 2014

Look Sharp in a Xamarin C# Shirt


Just a few minutes ago in the Microsoft Build Day 2 keynote, Miguel de Icaza, Xamarin cofounder and CTO, unveiled the new Xamarin T-Shirt Store app available for iOS and Android. The app is a beautiful example of native apps written in C# and Xamarin.

sharp-shirt-web-FINAL@2xThe app is also your fastest path to getting one of our widely popular C# shirts, as modeled here by Xamarin San Francisco employees.

Follow these instructions to get your shirt, and then tweet a C#-shirt-wearing selfie to @xamarinhq to show your support of C# everywhere!

April 2, 2014

Miguel’s “Go Mobile With Xamarin” Session at Build


Microsoft Build just kicked off to a great start, and we were incredibly honored to be highlighted in the Day 1 keynote. There is a lot more Xamarin goodness happening at Build.

4.16.Keynote-8 (1)Xamarin CTO and cofounder Miguel de Icaza will be on stage tomorrow showing how you can “Go Mobile with C# and Xamarin”.  This talk shows how today’s mobile landscape plays to the strengths of C#, and will explore the possibilities for you as a .NET developer, as .NET emerges as the best platform for all devices.

According to the Microsoft Build agenda builder, this will be a standing room only session, so come early.

If you can’t get into the session, you can still catch up with Miguel, Nat, me and the rest of the Xamarin team at our joint party with Microsoft tonight.

When:  Wednesday, April 2, 2014 at 8:30pm
Where:  Mezzanine — 444 Jessie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


Feel free to bring along a sidekick—you don’t have to be a Build 2014 attendee to party with us.

Tweet about the party using the #Xamarin and #Bldwin hashtags and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win Xamarin Evolve 2014 tickets!


Mobile Meetups Happening Worldwide in April


Over the next couple weeks there are many exciting Xamarin user groups taking place all over the world. Meetups are happening in India, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Texas and Florida to name a few. And we’re pleased to welcome Paris, France with their inaugural Xamarin meetup!

Early April Mobile Meetups

Here are some upcoming Xamarin developer group meetups:

Code Mania! new zealand flag

  • Auckland, New Zealand: Friday, April 4th

XHackers India flag

  • Bangalore, India: Saturday, April 5th 10:00AM
  • Hands on Labs for Android using Xamarin

First Conference of Software and Computing System 2014 mx

  • León Guanajuato, México.: Wednesday, April 9th 5:00PM
  • Cloud – Mobile, Integration of Windows Azure and Xamarin Studio

DFW Mobile .NET us

  • Dallas / Fort Worth, TX: Wednesday, April 9th 6:00PM
  • Development & User Experience: The Magic Happens Here

Houston Xamarin C# Mobile Developers Group us

  • Houston, TX: Wednesday, April 9th 7:00PM
  • Xamarin and OpenGL

Queensland C# Mobile Developers Australia

  • Brisbane, Australia: Wednesday, April 9th 5:45PM
  • Picking a (server) side & Wearable apps

New Group: Paris Xamarin Cross-platform Mobile Meetup France Flag

  • Paris, France: Tuesday, April 15th 7:30PM
  • First Xamarin user group meeting in the French community

South Florida Xamarin User Group us

  • Fort Lauderdale, FL: Tuesday, April 15th 6:00PM
  • 2nd Xamarin User Group Meetup

If you are interested in starting a developer group in your city we are here to help you get started. We have tips and trick on staring a developer group, a brand new introduction to Xamarin slide deck, and of course our community sponsorship program to get you on your way. We also want to hear from you so please feel free to send us an email or tweet @XamarinHQ so we can help spread the word and continue to grow the Xamarin community.

April 1, 2014

Sharper HTML Hybrid Apps with Razor


It may seem like there are only two choices when it comes to developing mobile apps: Either build apps against the native user interface, with native performance and deep platform integration, or use HTML5 to render a write-once, run-anywhere UI rendered in the limited mobile browser “sandbox”. What you might not have known is that any native application can support hybrid functionality by simply including a webview, and Xamarin has many features that make it a superior solution for hybrid app development including the Razor templating engine.

How Razor Works

Xamarin Studio gives you the power of the Razor templating engine and C# to easily combine data with HTML, Javascript and CSS without the hassle of manually building HTML strings in code. When you combine Razor HTML templates with iOS and Android web browser controls it enables you to build super-charged hybrid mobile applications in Xamarin. The Razor engine allows you to create and share dynamic HTML layouts across platforms, while Xamarin’s native APIs gives you complete access to the underlying functionality on both iOS and Android.

Here’s an example Razor cshtml template from the RazorTodo sample. It combines the power of CSS styling, the ease of HTML layout, and the functionality of the underlying platforms to enable text-to-speech and social-media integration.

@using HybridRazorTodo
@model List<TodoItem>
    <head><link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" /></head>
<h1>HybridRazorTodo <a href="hybrid:AddTask?"><img src="plus.png" /></a></h1>
    <a href="hybrid:SpeakAll?">Speak Undone</a>
    <a href="hybrid:TweetAll?">Tweet Undone</a></pre>
    @foreach (var todo in @Model) {
	<li><a href="hybrid:ViewTask?todoid=@todo.ID">@todo.Name</a>
        @if (@todo.Done) {
            <img alt="" src="check.png" />

Razor templates run on the device, easily incorporating local data from SQLite or web services. A few lines of code is all it takes to render a template with its model data and display in a web view, and just a few lines more to process the user input and save it to a database or cloud service.

User interaction can be processed with Javascript (validation rules, for example) or C# (for persistence, native API calls, etc), or a combination of both. When writing code to handle user input, it feels just like writing web form processing.

You can incorporate Javascript frameworks like JQuery and JQuery Mobile, as well as CSS files, images, videos and sounds stored in the app (or downloaded from the web). Most importantly, the full power of the underlying platform SDK is available, so you can also easily incorporate iOS or Android features like Twitter integration or text-to-speech:

See our Building Hybrid apps with Xamarin documentation to get started building Razor Hybrid applications. Simply use Xamarin Studio to create a new WebView Application for iOS or Android, or add a WebView to any existing iOS or Android layout, and use Add New…Preprocessed Razor Template to incorporate Razor-powered web views into your Xamarin apps. For a slightly more complex sample of a data-driven Razor hybrid app, check out our RazorTodo app.

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March 24, 2014

Party with Xamarin & .NET at Build!


This year, we’ve partnered with the Microsoft .NET team to throw a super-party for Build 2014 attendees and the entire San Francisco developer community.  Join Nat, Miguel, and the Xamarin team for food, drinks, music, and fun.


When:  Wednesday, April 2, 2014 at 8:30pm
Where:  Mezzanine — 444 Jessie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Feel free to bring along a sidekick—you don’t have to be a Build 2014 attendee to party with us.


If you’re attending the conference, make sure to visit us in the Build Exhibition hall at booth 301 or schedule time to meet with us one-on-one.  We’d love to learn more about your projects and how we can help.

March 19, 2014

Announcing Xamarin Evolve 2014 Ticket Sales Dates



We’re excited to announce that tickets for Xamarin Evolve 2014 will be going on sale on April 10th, 2014!

But wait! If you want to be at the front of the line, save-the-date and you’ll get premium access to purchase your tickets a full 24 hours before everyone else (on April 9th instead of April 10th).

Last year, our sold-out conference included over 80 training and conference sessions, 400 developers earning Xamarin Mobile Developer certifications, and 116 one-on-one sessions by Xamarin engineers to review code, consult on architecture, and troubleshoot issues.

Join us this year from October 6-10 in Atlanta, GA, where we’re outdoing ourselves with double the capacity, more training sessions with smaller class sizes, and an entire additional day of content.

We’ll kick it off with an in-depth training that includes hands-on instruction in writing mobile apps for iOS and Android with C#, as well as cross-platform development and mobile app lifecycle best practices.  Nat and Miguel will deliver a keynote (with a few major Xamarin product announcements), and the conference will include best practices in mobile user experience design, advanced cross-platform techniques, memory management, real world app case studies from leading companies, secure data integration, lightning talks and much more.

We’re expecting to quickly sell out again this year, so make sure you’re on the list to get early registration!

March 18, 2014

Android Wear Developer Preview now available


Today’s announcement of the Developer Preview of Android Wear brings an exciting new look on smart watches. Taking advantage of the existing notification infrastructure of Android devices, Xamarin.Android apps don’t need to do anything to have notifications show up on the Android Wear emulators.

Android Wear Stream

Putting to use the unique features of the Android Wear SDK allows developers to create and stack multiple notifications, receive voice input (although not enabled in their current developer preview) and create notification pages to display useful information to the wearer.

The developer preview is currently sign up only, but once you get access to the developer preview, follow steps 1 to 3 on the Google documentation to get the Android Wear system installed. Then use our fresh Xamarin Component for Android Wear to add this into your Xamarin.Android apps based on the bundled sample.

Xamarin And Android Wear

As this is a developer preview, this should only be used for development and testing purposes. Once the official SDK is released, you will need to upgrade your apps to work with the official SDK, images used from http://developer.android.com/wear/

March 17, 2014

End March with a Great Mobile Meetup!


March has been a very exciting month for Xamarin developer groups. We have already seen several new groups have their inaugural meetup including Ogden Utah, Denver, South Florida, Northern Virginia and Glasgow! We want to welcome these groups to the Xamarin developers group community and thank all of our groups for their dedication to the Xamarin community by having great meetups each month. This month there were so many meetups that had to break it into two parts. We are over joyed to see even more new groups meeting this month to add to the plethora of meetups happening in the second half of the month.

end of march 2014

Here are some upcoming Xamarin developer group meetups:

Nashville Xamarin User Group us

  • Nashville, TN: Tuesday, Mar. 18th 6:30PM
  • Something Fun! Xamarin University + Coding Dojo Part II

New Group: NJ Xamarin Developers Meetup us

  • Montclair, NJ: Tuesday, Mar. 18th 7:00PM

  • Meet and Greet + Xamarin Discussion

London .NET Developers ca

  • London, ON: Wednesday, Mar. 19th 6:30PM
  • Build 2 apps for the price of one using MVVM and Portable Class Libraries

New Group: Vancouver Mobile .NET ca

  • Vancouver, BC: Thursday, Mar. 20th 7:00PM
  • Introductions & Cross-platform .NET development!

Boston Mobile C# Developer’s Group in

  • Cambridge, MA: Thursday, Mar. 20th 6:30PM
  • Mastering Time and SpaceJérémie Laval, Xamarin

Cape Town Xamarin Users Group za

  • Cape Town, South Africa: Thursday, Mar. 20th 5:30PM
  • Visual Studio + Xamarin & Introduction to Cross Platform Development

Detroit Mobile .NET Users Group us

  • Southfield, MI: Monday, Mar. 24th 6:00PM
  • Getting started with starter-mobile project template

Northern Florida Xamarin User Group us

  • Jacksonville, FL: Tuesday, Mar. 25th 6:00PM

  • Xamarin Test Cloud + Calabash

Sydney Mobile .NET Developers Group au

  • Sydney, Australia: Tuesday, Mar. 25th 6:30PM

  • Azure Mobile Services with Xamarin and MvvmCross

New Group: Warangal Xamarin Dev in

  • Warangal, India: Saturday, Mar. 29th 10:00AM
  • Introduction & Hands on with Xamarin Technologies

New Group: Los Angeles Mobile .NET Developers Group us

  • Northridge, CA: Monday, Mar. 31st 7:00PM
  • Google Glass Development with Xamarin

If you don’t see your city listed above, don’t worry as new events and developer group meetups are being added frequently on the Xamarin Events forum. Feel free to also browse through past presentations on the Xamarin Presentations forum. Here are a few new presentations given and shared recently:

If you are interested in starting a developer group in your city we are here to help you get started. We have tips and trick on staring a developer group, a brand new introduction to Xamarin slide deck, and of course our community sponsorship program to get you on your way. We also want to hear from you so please feel free to send us an email or tweet @XamarinHQ so we can help spread the word and continue to grow the Xamarin community.


Samsung and Xamarin Partner to Provide Heightened Mobile Security


knox_infographicWe are happy today to announce a new partnership with Samsung that enables you to create great native mobile applications with enhanced security capabilities provided by Samsung KNOX.  Our goal is to offer you the most options in creating great native applications and this partnership gives you more flexibility regarding app security.

Samsung KNOX is an end-to-end secure mobile platform solution designed to provide advanced data and privacy protection for both enterprises and consumers, which is increasingly important in today’s BYOD environment.  The combination of Xamarin and Samsung KNOX will enable you to create high-performance native mobile applications while seamlessly deploying them within a secure hardened environment on mobile devices.

In recent months Xamarin has announced strategic relationships with leaders Microsoft and SAP in order to make it easier for you to create great enterprise mobile apps.  Our integration work with Samsung furthers this goal.

Visit our enterprise page for more information about how you can take your enterprise mobile with Xamarin.

March 13, 2014

Webinar Recording: Xamarin and SAP Mobile Platform for Mobile Enterprise Success


Xamarin and SAP joined forces to help C# developers build performant, native mobile enterprise apps. Using the new Xamarin SDK for SAP Mobile Platform, businesses gain secure access to on-premise and cloud-based data in Xamarin apps. Watch this webinar to see  a demo of the Xamarin Test Cloud and SAP Mobile .NET SDK from Xamarin, and a walkthrough the SAP Mobile Platform.

Bill Clark, Global Vice President of Mobile Strategy at SAP
Kiran Karunakaran, Director of Product Management at SAP
Zack Gramana, Technical Marketing Manager at Xamarin
Chris King, Customer Success Engineer for Xamarin Test Cloud

View a recording of the webinar at:

Slides from the webinar:
Xamarin – http://www.slideshare.net/Xamarin/sap-webinar-1
SAP – http://slidesha.re/OoQcxJ

Xamarin SAP Mobile .NET SDK: